Let’s talk about breathing. Seems like a no-brainer, right? We are alive, we must be doing it. And this is fine, if you want to stop there. But you don’t. Because that’s surface, and you’re up to something bigger … we all are … even if we don’t know it. But the key is TO … More breath

Be Better? Just Be.

I am always trying to be a “better” person. This means I am always running up against areas where I feel I don’t measure up. Times when I feel that I have shown up short of my potential, when I could have said something better, done something better, behaved better overall. Spaces where I could have … More Be Better? Just Be.

Finding Kindness

We cannot be kind to ourselves, love ourselves, unless we know ourselves. The realization came to me smack in the middle of savasana (yes the time we are meant to clear our minds – doesn’t always go that way, does it?) following a power infused yoga class. The scene was hundreds of yogis buzzing about … More Finding Kindness