Reset. Restart. Recharge.

detoxuseJust like we all instinctively know what we need to do to take care of ourselves on our yoga mats, maybe push ourselves a little harder one day or take it a little easier on ourselves another day, I knew I needed to really dig-in to my mom’s home cooking this holiday.

After all, there was reason to celebrate. Our family finally came together at my parents’ beautiful cabin in the North Woods of Maine, just near the Canada border. The road trip from Swedesboro, New Jersey, took nearly 12 hours, but it was well worth it to share the feast with my fam.

But when the only comfortable physical position post-dinner was to lay my entire body out flat on the floor (radiant heat, thankfully) I also instinctively knew that I would really need some detox-ing in the coming week.

And when the tension from the thought of having to return to my desk job, and to juggle the multiple projects to which I am currently committed outside of work, turned to tears on my face, I also instinctively knew that I would need to reset and restart in order to recharge.


  • Yoga classes … Hot please, and with lots of twists
  • Morning ritual shift … Trade coffee for green tea
  • Smart smoothies … Give me super foods

Option #1
fresh cranberries (unused in cranberry sauce recipe)
Granny Smith Apple
ginger root
water / ice

Option #2
blueberries (gratefully, from Maine!)
Matcha powder
coconut water / ice

Option #3
beets (gratefully, from Maine!)
McIntosh apple
ginger root
water / ice

  • Lighter lunch … Keep it simple with nuts and fruit
  • Dinner plans … Clean and lean*

Option #1
Salmon with Asparagus and Quinoa

Option #2
Shrimp with Green Beans and Brown Rice

Option #3
Kale Salad with Butternut Squash and Almonds

*Trade craft beer for water with fresh squeezed lemon

  • Create Space … a form of decluttering
    Say “NO” more often, then enjoy having some breathing room
  • Journaling … a means of purging thoughts
    Write my truth, let it go, keep what matters (and what I’m grateful for) at the forefront
  • Creating … a process of connecting with spirit
    Take on the nourishing, hands-on, craftin’ projects that have been patiently waiting 

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