Motion, moments and movement

rumi 6.26We’re short on time, short on quiet and short on stillness. The modern day way is full of gifts, including technology and instantaneous results, but also full of pitfalls if we don’t give ourselves a moment – actually, lots of moments.

Being “booked up” and “scheduled out” seem to be the norm these days. Between responsibilities at work and responsibilities at home, we somehow find time to slip fun and relaxation and self-care into relatively miniscule compartments in our day.

The question is … what are we sacrificing by buying into living this way? Besides our sanity, likely a lot! It’s like the areas that hold the most value for us seem to get lost – and we get little in return. Sounds like a bad investment.

The frenetic, fast-paced life may appear like a whole lot of motion on the surface. Looking deeper, we may have ourselves spinning so quickly that we cannot see past the blur or hear past the noise. In this state, we cannot be clear on what serves us – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Worse yet, we cannot be clear on what serves the world. Yes, each of us has magnificent contributions to make, and it’s our personal responsibility to bring them forth. When we don’t take needed moments, our creativity is quashed. We lose out on opportunities to offer and our fellow beings are robbed of receiving.

This is why coming to your mat or your meditation place (or whatever you go to access some head space and heart space) is so critical. Where connection exists, the divine exists. We have access to our present experience and can consciously determine next steps.

Stillness, then, is a gift to ourselves and to the world. It’s a spiritual act. In slowing down, we can root into intention and show up for our lives in unique and resounding ways. Getting still is where the real movement happens.

Next time you are sitting somewhere and reach for your smart phone – to check your texts, check your emails, or Google something to keep your mind occupied – consider reaching deeper into quiet. You may be surprised at the shifts that start happening.

Thank you for reading!


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