Finding kindness

We cannot be kind to ourselves, love ourselves, unless we know ourselves. The realization came to me smack in the middle of savasana (yes the time we are meant to clear our minds – doesn’t always go that way, does it?) following a power infused yoga class. The scene was hundreds of yogis buzzing about … More Finding kindness

Open to possibility

Every time we come to our mats, we become students. In the stillness of breath and movement, we can’t help but listen and discover something, and we certainly can’t argue with the new awareness and clearer perspective that come from getting quiet with ourselves. Sometimes, it might be as simple as recognizing some mental or … More Open to possibility

Practice process

At 35 years old, I think I finally get that I don’t need to get anywhere. Maybe it sounds aim-less on the surface, but really it’s not. Maybe it sounds motivation-less, but quite the contrary. The realization that life is … that I am … that we all are … and that that’s enough … … More Practice process

Sacred service

The concept of doing something for someone else has been front and center for me all my life. A calling to give, both in substantive and soulful ways, was pretty much written in the script. So let me set the stage… Nana Tiver whips up dishes, to be enjoyed by our immediate and extended families, … More Sacred service